A Simple Meal

Citizens Making a Difference
July 18, 2017

It is Saturday morning. I am watering away at the farm. The air is hot and getting warmer by the minute. The vegetables and flowers are so parched but wait patiently for their long and soaking drinks of water that will help hydrate them for the day.

I look up from my work to see a man approaching me. He is a neighbor of ours, Ulysses, and he appears to be completely drenched, half clothed and seems almost near exhaustion.

I ask him to please sit down, take a seat on the bench and talk to me as I water. I ask, “Can I get you a drink, more water?” “Please,” Ulysses says. “Hey man I have not eaten since yesterday. Do you think you could help me out with a meal?”

He continued by saying, “You know my momma burned up in a recent fire here in town” “I have no one to fix me dinner no more.” “I have been homeless since the fire.” “What I really need is a meal fixed with all these collards, onions and tomatoes.”

I was quick to respond,“Sorry Ulysses, but all these vegetables go to food pantries in town.” I then noticed that it was Thursday, the day one of our local pantries is open. So I continued by saying, “Hey, the food pantry is open this morning! How about I help show you how to get there and you can head over for a warm meal and your own bag of greens.”

With joy and gratitude in his eyes Ulysses responded, “Really man, you’d do that?”

And I did just that.

The produce is also cooked into hot meals.

The Gift Garden is such a blessing to those in need. The clients we serve are so grateful and appreciative. One member told me recently, “Hey Doc thanks for the green beans and collards. Now I have can have a real Sunday supper.”

These frequent humbling moments help me recognize all that we take for granted. I am fortunate to be the vessel of God helping to build the kingdom by growing fruit and vegetables for the most needy in our community.

Thank you Jesus.

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