Citizens Making a Difference

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July 11, 2017
Naturalist Intelligence
September 3, 2017

During the school year I have the privilege of working with 4th graders from New City School. Their theme for the year is Citizens Making a Difference.

Part of how they make such a big difference here in the neighborhood is their work at the farm. They learn about the farm’s gift garden and they think it is cool that the farm gifts all that it grows to two local food panties.

Students love the farm. They run down the alley that connects New City School to the farm, arriving like just released butterflies. They are great helpers. They help pick the seeds to plant, prepare the soil for planting and harvest the produce.

A favorite harvest item is pop corn. One class of 4th. graders will plant the kernels in April and go off to 5th. grade. In September, a new 4th grade class cuts down the stalks, harvests the cobs, and begins curing the kernels. Later that fall, the same 4th graders get to walk to the pantry to pop the pop corn for the clients at the food pantry.

It is quite a party!

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