How To Start A Garden

How To Start A Gift Garden

We hope that our mission plants a seed that you nourish and provide for until it blossoms. Starting a Gift Garden calls for a combination of inspiration, long-term commitment, and willingness to make and maintain connections in your community.

Now it's time to get inspired and get started!

Do your research! Find a place to start your Gift Garden - on an empty plots of land, in schoolyards, at churches, and in homes. Where will you start yours?
Build a manageable space that you and other volunteers can provide for throughout the year.
Increase your understanding of what will successfully grow. each garden is different. Find out what the people you are providing for want. Keep them in mind as you do your planting.
Get going with the giving! Treat your garden with love and it will produce abundantly!

We are here to help

Throughout this process be sure to make connections with those who share your passion for giving. Volunteers play a huge role in the process of maintaining a successful Gift Garden. You can share valuable resources such as time, energy, and insight! Questions? Ideas? Please reach out to us at any point in your process! You can learn from us while we learn from you.

Click here to update us about your Gift Garden endeavours. Remember: by starting a Gift Garden you are doing great things for yourself and the world around you.